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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sparkly Pink Scarf

Pattern:Told to me by Lynn at City Knits. Cast on 8 stitches with two yarns held together. Slip first stitch knitwise, K7. Repeat until you almost run out of yarn. Bind off.
Yarn: 1 ball each of Plymouth Nocturne 1967 and Trendsetter Dune 95
Needles: Size 19 bamboo.
Comments: Otherwise known as Top Secret Project 3. Started knitting with size 15s, wasn't nearly lacey and holey enough, so ripped it out, and started again with the 19s. A very quick knit - took me about 2 hours max.
Ended up: As a birthday gift for my sister


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Jodipodi said...


quick question... when you knit two yarns together, do you literally have two balls of yarn on the go at once, and work with 2 threads OTN as opposed to one?? Am I making sense?!? I really want to make a big holey shawl scarf and I read a pattern saying using two yarns... is this what you did? (Still can't get hang of patterns yet!!)

Many thanks for your anticipated help!

Love n hugs

Jodi xxxxxx


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